Eight cheap tricks to decorate your garden

An ideal garden will provide you enjoyable moments and place for relaxation. But first it has to fulfill few conditions. Besides that, the garden is the first thing that someone sees when he visits you, so why not make an effort to provide them with good impression?


If you are willing to get down on business, these are few things you need to do in order to create an ideal place for rest and relaxation.

Don’t overload place with plants. Plants and flowers can make every space look more beautiful, but the line is thin between lush garden and confusion of stems, petals and leaves. Give every plant an opportunity to grow freely without to struggle for water and Sun.

garden-critter-solar-lights-1Don’t neglect the lighting. From time to time, you should check if the lights in the garden are working. Few smaller lamps will provide nicer and more pleasant lighting and the guests will find the entrance more easily. Now days you can buy the lamps that work on solar energy, in this way you will save money and you will be using free energy. One thing’s for sure, your electricity bill will be smaller.

Remove the weed from your garden. We all know that is not possible to remove every wild plant as soon as it appears, but there is no justification for you if your garden is overgrown with weeds. You should make some time during the week and remove all weeds from your garden, so it would look neatly during a whole year. There is no better thing then clean and neat garden.

Clean your stairs. If the entrance of your home includes stairs, try to clean them regularly. Dirt, small rocks, leaves and grass easily find its way to them and they may seem very messy.

Paint your gate. Even though the gate isn’t the first thing that crosses you mind when you think about the garden, but it is its inevitable part. If you notice that paint starts to fade due to sun exposure and wind, paint it. In that way, you will avoid your home to look unmaintained.

FH08APR_GARCLO_01Don’t leave your gardening tool outside. After long work in the garden, all you want to do is to get rest, but don’t forget scissors, shovels and brooms in the garden. Put away all your tool and let your effort to be seen.

Give your personal stamp. This is a perfect place where you can manifest your creative energy. Choose flowers and plants that will represent your style, or they will fit in with the decoration of your home, in that way you will provide your home cohesive look.

Build small lake inside of your garden. If you love water, then this is a perfect solution for you, it won’t take you much time, it’s pretty cheap and the final result will be stunning. First you must decide where you want to put your lake, then dig a hole in the ground, it can have some specific pattern. Put nylon in the hole and fill it with water. To cover up the excess of nylon, use stones and decorative plants.

Small log cabins can be made from wood – you can put them on trees if you have, they will be a great place for the birds.